Frequently Asked Questions

1)  How long does it last…warranty?
Answer: Horizontal surfaces – 1 year. Vertical surfaces – 3 years.  Please see our Warranty page for more details from 3M.

2)  Will it damage my paint underneath?
Answer: No, provided the surface below is “sound”.

3)  Can I put the film over rust spots?
Answer: No, your vehicle must be clean from rust and dirt (painted and clear coated).

4)  Can I install it myself?
Answer: Yes, with no product warranty, you can install it yourself.  However, this type of installation is not for the faint of heart or beginner.

6)  Does it fade?
Answer: The 3M film has UV inhibitors built right into the material, however, like all paint and materials, the sun will fade out colour with time.  The 3M material does however protect your original paint from fading from sun exposure.

7)  Does it chip like paint from stones on the road?
Answer: Yes, just like paint it is susceptible to chips from stones while driving, or door dings in a parking lot.

8)  How much does it cost?
Answer: That depends on the type of material and amount of material used; full wrap vs partial. This is a time and material type of installation process.

9)  Can It go through a car wash?
Answer: Yes, but it is not recommended.

8. Will fingerprints show on the film?
Answer: The matte product may show finger prints, but they can be cleaned off after installation is complete by saturating a clean, lint free towel with a 2:1 mixture of Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) and water or straight rubbing alcohol, and then wiping and drying the film.

9. Can scratches be removed?
Answer: Many surface scratches will disappear when exposed to the sunlight on warm days.  Deeper scratches will not come out.  Always use care to avoid scratching during installation, maintenance, use and storage of the applied film.

10. How do I maintain the graphics?
Answer: Care for your vehicle graphics like you would any fine paint finish. Using high quality products designed specifically for car care and proper cleaning and maintenance procedures will help keep your 3M vehicle graphics looking their best.

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