Files Supported (ready-to-run Mac or PC): InDesign, QuarkXpress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, TIFF, EPS, PDF

Tip: File should be setup using a page layout program (e.g. QuarkXpress). The page size should be setup at an intermediate size that can be enlarged proportionately. For example, 12 x 18” original page size, can be enlarged 300% for a final output size of 36” x 54”.

Fonts: Ensure that all fonts specific to your job are included or “suitcased”. This includes both screen and printer fonts.

For CorelDraw files, please convert all fonts into curves and save as an Adobe Illustrator AI, EPS file format.

Scanned Images: For optimal resolution and results, please use the following guidelines:

For most images, scanning at a resolution of 72dpi, at full size will yield excellent results. For large images being viewed at far distances, a scan resolution of 36dpi at full size will be more than sufficient.

Scan images in RGB mode before converting to CMYK
Save images as Photoshop, EPS, JPEG or TIFF formats

Tip: If in doubt, please provide an RGB file size between 25-50Mb (interpolation is not recommended!)

Disk Media Supported: Floppy disks, CD’s, DVD’s, USB Flash

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